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Water Samurai
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About Hawke AI

Hawke AI is a multi-faceted business that focuses on Internet-based solutions for small businesses, non-profit organizations, ministries, and individuals. We develop web sites and web-based applications, publish E-books in the popular Adobe Acrobat PDF and Mobipocket formats, create Adobe Flash-based presentation CD-ROMs, and create video presentations on DVD and various other media. We also offer consulting services for the creation and/or upgrade of small computer networks.

Internet SwirlInternet

Hawke AI's main field of service is the development of Internet-based solutions for small businesses, non-profit organizations, ministries, and individuals. These range from simple, static web sites to full-fledged ASP/Access or PHP/MySQL web applications. Our sites are competitively priced carefully engineered to meet your needs.


We also develop web-based applications to enhance your business, such as EvCal, an online event-based calendar, or Open Door Manager, a content resource management software for running a small bookstore.




Setting up information technology in any sphere is a daunting task. Hawke AI can help you simplify this project in your small business by surveying your needs and offering comprehensive solutions to your information technology needs. Our consultants are CompTia certified and will help you set up a solution that will best suit your needs.







Medıa Productıon
Media Production

When trying to reach an audience, it is important to have a top-notch product that will speak to them. Whether your business needs to be introduced by a specially produced video or Adobe Flash-based CD, or whether you are an aspiring author, attempting to get published on the Internet, we can help. We offer both video production services and e-book publishing services.








Hawke AI offers free downloads for your personal use and enjoyment. Included here are the hilarious Water Samurai video and the Kutsal Kitap for Palm Bible Reader, the Turkish translation of the Bible, as well as Hawke AI's EvCal — The On-Line Event Calendar.






So, have a look around and enjoy the site. Questions or comments can be directed to web [at] hawke-ai [dot] com.



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